Manicure & Pedicure

Not only the face, but also our hands are permanently bare and therefore deserve a special care. First of all hands are our most important tool and secondly they are subject to heavy exposure at all any times. Attractive hands are very important to complete a person’s appearance.

At SOKAI we are skilled at bringing the best, most deserved care to your hands and nails, with all cosmetic refinements to bring them back to a new and healthy shine.

Marvelous feeling feet. Of course, at SOKAI we also offer pleasant pedicure. Feet are often showing during summer time, but this doesn’t mean that during the rest of the year feet don’t need care as well. Remember your feet are carrying you and all the burden of life every day, all year long.

With our professional pedicure your feet will relax not only from daily exertion, but also can look fabulous.