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at Grand Hotel Hessischer Hof

SOKAI welcomes you as a hotel guest and as an external guest in our SOKAI Spa & Medical Lounge.

Our daily service offers you osteopathy, physiotherapy and other medical treatments. These 3 pillars form a holistic basis for your health. In keeping with your busy schedule, our team is available daily for you. Call our Medical Lounge Concierge and book a personal appointment or appointment. For your private getaway, book your personal Day Spa program in our lounge.

We look forward to your telephone booking on +49 69 / 7540-2222

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Norbert Schütz - Fachlicher Leiter Osteopathie SOKAINorbert Schütz is responsible for the medical care and the professional management of osteopathy at SOKAI: “We use a variety of diagnostic options to evaluate the cause of your symptoms and then treat them specifically. In addition to correction techniques from the fields of craniosacral osteopathy, visceral osteopathy and parietal osteopathy, we also use manual methods of physiotherapy and chiropractic in our practice.We want you to be optimally cared for medically and that your well-being and good physical fitness will not be neglected. “

Norbert Schütz is a member of the Association of Osteopaths Germany e.V. (VOD).

He completed his education at College Sutherland.