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B12 – the critical step to sustainable physical health and fitness.

Are you looking for a personal training program which does not only get you into shape, but also keeps an eye on your physical health? – You finally found it! Convince yourself of Basic12, the innovative fitness and health training by Richard Nzoulé.
The simple, yet important foundation behind the concept of the experienced personal coach and trainer is: Only a well-balanced and healthy body can be trained efficiently and guarantee sustainable success.

Would you start your tennis training with a mauled racket? – Very unlikely! Just as optimized strings make all the difference to a tennis racket, our physical training will optimize your musculoskeletal system. Our training will only be sustainable, once everything is in balance. (Richard Nzoulé)

B12 – Personal Training & Health Coaching excellence by Richard Nzoulé

Hearing B12, you probably straight away think of a vitamin – and you are not so wrong. Vitamin B12 is the all-rounder among vitamins and essential for the entire human metabolism and so is the Basic12 fitness concept, which focuses on the balanced interaction of muscles, bones and joints and thus on the human musculoskeletal system as a whole. Impairments of the physique are diagnosed and consistently corrected.

Even the best training remains symptomatic treatment as long as the physical core is not intact. (Richard Nzoulé)

The focus is on twelve essential parts of the body, with the feet and the temporomandibular joint being of fundamental importance for the optimal functioning of our entire musculoskeletal system. Weaknesses, imbalances or blockages can be permanently eliminated by the proven B12 concept. The result is a holistically corrected physique as the solid foundation for any further physical objective with the aim of keeping the body powerful, attractive, painless, adaptable and flexible.

mens sana in corpore sano

B12 takes a holistic approach. In addition to the focused improvement of the physical condition, a significant increase in mental performance and regeneration capacity will be achieved.

Richard Nzoulé

Richard Nzoulé
Your Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Richard is an A-licensed Personal Coach and Personal Trainer, with a successful fitness and health career of over 20 years.
He was the Head of several EMS Lounges (electro-muscle stimulation) of the market leader Bodystreet, coached multiple successful business women and men, gave nutrition lectures at the German Red Cross and advised and supervised Athletics Olympians. His groundbreaking concept B12 is the result of his longevity, experience and continuous training and knowledge in the areas of inspirational and motivational training.

Work out with Richard Nzoulé at SOKAI Spa & Medical Lounge.

In exclusive cooperation with SOKAI Spa & Medical Lounge at the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof, Richard Nzoulé awaits you in a discreet and distinguished ambience and takes time to discuss your issues and goals. Building a therapy and training plan customized to your needs, he supports you with experience and passion to be physically attractive, efficient and, above all, healthy. The unique B12 concept is completed by Richard’s close collaboration with Norbert Schütz, the experienced osteopath at SOKAI, and other renowned experts.


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