Treat your body! Make your soul comfortable!

Massage is the art of considered, careful touch, which brings body and soul into inner peace. Stress hormone levels can be reduced and at the same time production of so the called snuggle-hormone oxytocin can increase. A relaxing massage can lighten up your personal moods and can helping prevent depression.
With our wide range of different massage styles we can relax and sooth your body to crack down on stress levels, release tensions or just simply to relax. SOKAI offers high quality and reliable service fitting to your time table.

Relaxation for body, soul and spirit

We will take time to analyse your needs, and to find which massage style will best fulfil your wishes and needs. From Lomi Lomi to Shiatsu, from Swedish to Hot stones – from our wide range of styles we are sure to find the best for your well-being. You will be in the best hands with our experienced therapists and can enjoy taking a breather, relaxing and boosting your inner peace


Massage Asian Style

Massage Classic